"Krok" Ltd. - Heat-exchange equipment cleaning, hydromechanical cleaning, thermal-abrasive cleaning, anticorrosive cleaning
''HAMMELMANN", "KROK", "THERMAX-1" devices and consumables sales.
Ukraine, 61001,
Kharkov, Vosstaniya square, 7/8
P.O. Box 11536
fax: +38-057-719-15-28

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Krok Ltd.

Cleaning of heat-exchange equipment

Anticorrosive treatment

KROK Ltd. is dynamically developing company which is specialized on the production of high-quality apparatus for clearing of internal surface of tubes in heat-exchange equipment. Experts of the enterprise have developed technology and the equipment which allow to clear the tubes of any degree of pollution to the initial condition (95%). Modern methods and exchanges of experience with end consumer of our production and our service allow to solve almost any problems of clearing of heat exchange equipment.

Our experts will professionally perform for you works on anticorrosive protection of metals and ferro-concrete constructions. The will protect a technological equipment, facilities of storage and transporting from influence of aggressive chemical products and chemical combinations.

Cleaning of heat-exchange equipment Anticorrosive treatment

Repair-building works

Restoration of concrete and ferro-concrete constructuions

Our enterprise takes an order on fulfilment of next kind of repair-building works with using high-quality materials and modern technologies.

Our experts have mastered and successfully apply new progressive technologies of restoration and protection of concrete and ferro-concrete. Also they have mastered and successfully apply modern methods, materials and equipment for anticorrosive protection of fabricated metalls and different kind of technological equipment.

The repair-building works Renewal of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions